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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July 5

Just came from the Cabinet Room where the Alums are holding their drawing for the many donated items they have collected. There are so many items -- something around 100 --many that I would like to win. Hold a hope . . .

We had attended a general session early this morning and then one about Women's Moods. That one turned out to be much more techinical than I'd anticipate. It was interesting but sometimes, over my head. :-)

The Conference is winding down. One more round of sessions and then the banquet. That's always an exciting evening. LLLI Conferences are a nice mix of meaty sessions, lighter ones that inspire and enlighten, some pomp, and some fun. If you don't like one thing there is always something else to do. Which is what I'm about to do--go check the bookstore and see if there are any bargains.

Tomorrow we have a staff meeting and Thursday I head for home.


Blogger Mary said...

Dear Rosetta,
I have enjoyed all the blogs. Yours is closest to my present experience level so I can relate to much of what you wrote.
Safe trip home,
Mary Baker

4:09 PM  

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