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Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4

Happy Independence Day from Washington DC
By the end of the World's Faire last night I was exhausted and still had a meeting to attend. Sleep deprived!

This morning I started the day listening to a presentation about gentle discipline--because I wanted to know if I wanted to buy the book for our daughter. And then I headed to the book store to buy the book. :-)

And another session was listening to "A Bird's Eye View of LLLI Board Work." Those 15 women (one was missing this morning because of illness) are an awesome bunch--such intelligence and such commitment. LLL seems to be full of great women.

The lunch talk was about procrastination--guess what? I left before it was over. Not a topic that I find necessary in my life--actually I'm getting better about not doing my tasks yesterday instead of today.

I'm off to a 30 minute introduction to Pilates, a form of exercise, because my roommate, Sue Scott is teaching. I've been watching her exercise in the early mornings and I'm intrigued. I'll let you know more later . . .

Tonight after the Tea and the Gala Gathering we'll see the fireworks from the Mall on the big screen TVs in the ballroom That should be fun.

Until tomorrow . . .


Anonymous Connie Davis said...

Rosetta, what fun to read your daily words! I can't wait to hear how the fireworks went, tonight. I recall the LLLI conference in 1997 and how fabulous the fireworks were--first time I'd seen the ones that made smiley faces up in the air!
One of my LLL Internet friends came through western Kansas where I live and we held a mini-conference last night, looking at the podcasts and all.

Keep on having fun and think of me vicariously enjoying through your descriptions! Now, I'm going to listen to Dr. Jack Newman's podcast. He's my favorite doctor ever since he suggested my 19 year old daughter would benefit from human donor milk when she was in a coma with bacterial meningists. He was right of course! Miraculous stuff, no matter what the age. Are there any sessions on the benefits of human milk for sick humans of all ages?

3:40 PM  

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