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Rosetta's LLLI Conference Blog

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm Here

In spite of that 3:30 a.m. wake up call, my trip to DC was uneventful. I'm so glad I did catch that early morning flight Tuesday morning instead of waiting for a later flight that would have caught the storms around Chicago. When Peggy and I got to the hotel we waited for our room and then went to work doing USWD preparation work.

Wednesday, the staff did lots of little detail things and the day seemed to go on forever. I was certainly ready to bed.Now, we are halfway through the first day of IMS. Christine and Claudia opened the space this morning with a convening question "How can we learn from each other around the world to enhance our leadership and administratiave skills. The topic I posted was "Making Communication Skills Open." A great conversation followed and it was fun to get to know some others interested in finding new ways to help others finds ways of enhancing skills. The next "space" that I attended was "What Could Happen If Leaders could accredit other Leaders?" Another interesting conversation.

Now that I've done my first blog at conference I need to get back to the IMS activities--just as soon as I learn how to sent this message. :-)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Rosetta's Introduction

Hello from Kansas.

I'm Rosetta Bartels, long time LLL Leader. In fact I was "certified" in 1973. :-) My husband, Bob, and I live in a small rural town in the middle of Kansas. (small = 1200 people) We have two daughters, Diane, who is 36, single and living in Wichita and Laura, married with a four year old step son and living with her hubby, Chris, in Manhatta, KS.

I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Home Economics Education and came to Inman to teach. I met Bob, the local banker, and we were married in 1965. We just celebrated 40 years and plan to travel to the New England states this fall. That trip will allow us to stick the last six states on the map of the USA on the side of our motor home.

I found LLL when Diane was in the hospital following umbilical hernia surgery at about four months of age. Someone talked with me about nursing her and asked, have you been to LLL meetings. I did not know a Group existed in KS. :-) I found a home at the first meeting. In fact Jan Riordan (author of one of the books on the LLL list) was visiting at that meeting and she oohed and aahed over my beautiful baby girl and I was hooked.

I've done all kinds of jobs in KLLL and have been a part of the USWD staff for several years too. I am a Communication Skills Instructor Trainer now and find the CS work to be a great place to learn. Right now we (the USWD CSITs) are working (along with the USWD CSIs) on ways to help make the CS sessions more open, less structured, more user friendly. We are excited about what happens at sessions when we try using Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe, Open ways of tapping into the wisdom of the group gathered to enhance communication skills.

This LLLI Conference in Washington DC will be my twelveth. My first was in the Palmer House in Chicago, long, long ago. I'm excited about being in the midst of all the wonderful people who attend conferences. More later.